Wednesday, 22 March 2017

"Guide to the Best Synch Deal Possible" - Article in Digital Music News

I found this interesting and easy to follow article on Facebook today, and thought to share it here as there are some really useful titbits of information in there.

It discusses the various differences in synch licensing contracts, from different sources, plus clear examples of what is a good thing for a songwriter to sign, an OK contract, and a simply terrible contract so far as the songwriter is concerned.

There is also some in depth description of just what a synch license is, what it is for and who it affects.

This is useful information for any songwriters, and/or artists, starting out in the tv and film music business, as well as some extra detail for those who have a little more experience too.

It is just one in a series of articles, the third I think.  I'll share any others that are equally as informative here also.

Click here for the article in Digital Music News: 'A Simple Guide to the Best Synch Deal Possible'

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