Saturday, 18 March 2017

'Blanket Of Love' - new co-write with Dave Walton & Steve Collom

A 'Taxi friend', Dave Walton, asked me last year if I'd like to write some lyrics for his daughter's wedding, to be precise the father/daughter dance song for the wedding reception.  Naturally I said yes, as I am ever the romantic and this was a wonderful gesture.

The song grew and developed, and we asked Steve Collom to collaborate with us on melody and to sing the song.  Eventually the finished track was used at the wedding - so romantic !

Post wedding, we have tweaked and edited a bit, and are now ready to let the track loose on the world !  It has been purposely written to suit romantic contemporary  film & tv uses, rather than a radio friendly hit song.

It's currently still non exclusive, and all licensing inquiries are welcome.

Listen to Blanket Of Love on SoundCloud HERE

or here...

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