Friday, 14 July 2017

New Album Release "Emotional Sushi"

Last week I released my first album containing songs that all use my lyrics !

I have had cuts on other artist's albums and EPs, but I thought it would be fun, and good for promotion, if I created an album with some of my songs written for tv and film.  Hence the title, Emotional Sushi, as songs for tv have to convey a strong emotion in order to increase the emotion in a scene.

Many of these songs have featured in TV shows already, including NBC's Golf Channel.

You can listen to the songs here:
Emotional Sushi album on cdbaby

Emotional Sushi is available to download from cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon and many more.
You can also stream it on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.

I will have a hard copy CD available in the very near future, which will be for sale on Amazon.

All the songs are available to license, easily and with no fuss.

Track 3 "No More Being Nice" is courtesy of Black Toast Music, California.

Album title: Emotional Sushi
Artists: Future Kings Of Denmark, Bamtone, Robbie Hancock, Steve Collom, Steven Wesley Guiles, Louise Goldberg, Bob Porri, Ethan Okamura, Nathan Nasby, Rob Carroll, Jeff Brown.
Songwriters: Amanda West, Steven Wesley Guiles, Briand Melanson, Robbie Hancock, Bob Porri, Louise Goldberg, Dave Walton, Steve Collom, Ethan Okamura, Nathan Nasby, Rob Carroll, Jeff Brown.

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