Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Six Songs In New LA Library

I rarely kiss and tell publicly (or even privately for that matter), but yesterday was a good day for me with regards to library submissions, and I truly want to thank my co-writers for their amazing musical interpretations of my words.

A 'very romantic' newly established upper end library accepted 3 more tracks on which I am the co-writer (lyrics obviously), alongside the 3 tracks of mine they already have since they started. 

Thanks to my talented co-writers things are continually getting better and better.

The songs in this library are:

Heart of Stone - with Robbie Hancock
From This Burn - with Robbie Hancock
Washing In Washing Out - with Ethan Okamura & Louise Goldberg
Better Off Blue - with Steven Guiles
Blanket of Love - with Steve Collom and Dave Walton
This Is The End - with Michelle Lockey

I met all of these co-writers through Taxi Independent A&R, and many of these tracks were originally written for the amazing songwriting group GYAWS (Get Your Ass Writing Songs - a Facebook group of like minded people).

You can hear all the tracks on my SoundCloud page or my website.

Songs on SoundCloud - Click here

Songs on website - Click here

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