Friday, 2 October 2015

TAXI TV - Synch Licensing University

Just about the biggest part of my songwriting education has been through TAXI, a Californian A&R company whose attitude towards its clients in simply incredible.
Not only do they have extremely useful feedback on all songs submitted and $20 complete song critiques for members, but they have several facilities for non members too - all free.  This includes a well run forum and the amazing TAXI TV.
The forum is extensive and the people using it very friendly, and so willing to help new members and each other. As long as you take part and contribute, you will get as much help as you need or want.  The experienced songwriters and musicians on that forum have helped me in more ways than I can count, and continue to do so.
And the icing on the cake.... TAXI TV , which is amazing !  It's on every Monday night at midnight BST (UK & Ireland), in the USA that's 4pm PDT or 7pm EDT.  Each week there's a different topic, many are client based, where you can listen to and ask questions of experienced and successful TAXI members.  Other episodes have visitors, such as music supervisors, producers and so on.
All episodes are broadcast live, with a live chat room where you can interact with the show's host, Michael Laskow, and any visitors. All episodes are also available to watch at a later date and time, if that suits you better.  Personally I like the live aspect, as it means you can ask questions that come up and get personalised answers.
TAXI TV is broadcast through UStream - you will need to sign up for membership prior to the show, which is very simple.  Also, it pays to use some kind of ad blocking software, as ads can be incredibly annoying at vital points !  I use AdBlock Plus which is perfect, and I get zero adverts !  As an extra bonus it also gets rid of those irritating YouTube video ads too !
Most of all, TAXI TV is always great fun and incredibly useful !

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