Friday, 2 October 2015

Art vs Craft - A Songwriting Perspective

"You're my love, you light the sky when angels sleep at night
You're my light when morning dawns, bringing sun into my dreams
You're my life, my love...
My first breath in the moonlit pre dawn light"
(Copyright @ Amanda J Anderson 2014)
What do you do when you have the makings of a chorus you love, but the verses don't want to come out of the closet ?
Do you force the door open ?
No.  Whenever I try doing that I end up with something that sounds 'constructed', rather than flowing and natural.
In the case of the above four lines, which I am very happy with, I have decided to just keep them on the side table until I know the moment is right.  Then the rest will flow as easily.  I hope !
When I say that I am willing to put something aside 'until the moment is right', I may have created an inaccurate image of how I normally write.
Most of the time when I am writing, I feel inspired.  I have a very clear process that works, for me, 95% of the time - it consists of inspiration, technical crafting and knowing the business.  Obviously I am not a long time expert at songwriting, in the large scheme of things I am not much higher up that a novice.  The technical crafting and current music business knowledge is an area that I am learning more about every day.
But I do write every day, and I do craft my work as I go.  Re-working the basic draft, changing rhymes, moving lines, altering the rhythm here and there for 'singability' and so much more.  I aim to write something that I can hand to a composer/singer, who can then immediately feel the rhythm and the emotion, and this takes crafting, on top of the inspiration.
The 'craft' of songwriting is where I have so much to learn.  Probably a life time of learning I suspect.
Time to head back to the writing pad now...

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