Monday, 22 September 2014

'Wreck Me' by Nathan Nasby and Pedro Costa

My fellow songwriter and sometimes co-writer, Nathan Nasby, has released his second single on iTunes, entitled ‘Wreck Me’, with co-writer Pedro Costa.

Nathan Nasby in his studio
‘Wreck Me’ is Nathan's first single on iTunes in over 3 years – and boy was it worth the wait !

Nathan collaborated with the talented Pedro Costa to write this song. Both are from different parts of Canada – Nathan is from Deloraine in Manitoba, and Pedro is from North Bay, Ontario.

The title says it all… The track is super emotional. Nathan’s slightly raspy, yet soft voice drags the emotion from the lyrics, making you feel every word. The evocative melody serves to compound the story in the lyrics, with everything melding together, pulling you along as the track progresses.

Direct Link to ‘Wreck Me’ on iTunes - Wreck Me – Single

Below is a SoundCloud link to Nathan’s music, where you will also have the option to buy his new single...

I'd love to know what you think of it ?

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